System-oriented management
Our working approach is based on the principles of Systems Engineering and is consistently geared to the appropriate definition and structuring of each project. These are the success factors in infrastructure management:

  • Systematic and holistic thinking
  • Clear demarcation
  • Clear objectives
  • Clear procedures and processes
  • Reliable decisions that are easy to understand
  • Broad-based, balanced information for all parties involved

Expertise throughout the entire life-cycle of an installation
R+R appraises each system or installation in relation to its natural, technical, economic and social context. This approach covers the entire life-cycle of an installation, including planning, construction, operation, use, maintenance and renewal. We set an extensive range of standards for the sustainability of a transportation system – in respect of efficiency and cost-effectiveness as well as ecology.

Recognising and resolving conflicts
One of R+R's key strengths lies in recognising conflicts of interest and seeking out appropriate solutions for them together with all the parties involved. An open-minded approach, flexibility and independence of judgment are numbered among our company's most fundamental principles.

Open to the world
R+R handles construction projects as well as planning and consultancy mandates, both in Switzerland and abroad. Our engineers and economists come together to form unbiased and highly effective teams of experts, in cooperation with other companies as appropriate and necessary. Our network of national and global contacts enables us to initiate new developments on a basis of constructive criticism, and to build up important cooperation partnerships.