Project Management

Within the scope of its project management activities, R+R takes charge of planning and monitoring costs, quality and deadlines; we compile situation and progress reports, and suggest appropriate control measures. To deliver these services, we develop and operate our own Management Information Systems.

When issuing invitations to tender and evaluating the bids for a project, we offer an overview of all the potential providers, draw up performance specifications and tender documents, and supply suitable EDP tools. We evaluate presentation documents and bids, draw up draft contracts and provide contract management support for clients.

We assist clients with their strategic planning, help them to define variants and provide bases for project design. We analyse the project risks, develop strategies and ongoing scenarios, and define the best possible forms of project organisation.

We appraise cost estimates and assess projects in terms of their technical, operational and ecological feasibility. We compile static and dynamic cost-effectiveness calculations based on several perspectives, such as business management, regional economics or overall social aspects.

R+R also supports clients with their public relations work. We present projects, evaluate submissions and objections, and prepare for policy decisions and resolutions.

We plan the resources required in order to execute the project, develop forms of financing (public/private) and assist with promoting the project to investors.