• 07.01.2019 | Developing the Swiss railway infrastructure system; verification of theses

    At the end of December, R+R and Infras have completed the study on the future development of the Swiss railway infrastructure system on behalf of the Federal Office of Transport. Ten Swiss railway operators were examined to identify where further standardisation, cooperation and professionalism may reduce costs or improve efficiency. For this purpose, interviews and statistical analysis were conducted. The results are now to be discussed with the railway operators involved.

  • 04.09.2018 | ETCS strategies for Germany

    Germany – like many other countries in Europe – is in the process of developing strategies for changing the railway signaling system to the international European Train Control System ETCS. R+R joined a consortium of German and Swiss specialists for a fundamental study of such strategies, and we created a module-based costing model for ETCS level 1 and level 2. The final report describes implementation strategies for various funding frameworks and provides recommendations for the legal implementation process.